The Living Room

Luxury UK Safari Lodge at Longlands Glamping Devon

Uno! Check Mate! Triple Word Score! World Domination!

Put away the gadgets and enjoy a game of Monopoly, Scrabble or Uno! The blanket box, filled with our favourite games, and the three seater leather vintage chesterfield sofa provide entertainment & comfort, whilst you bask in the warmth of the wood burner.

Enjoy a glowing glamping experience!

You can’t beat the romantic atmosphere of a candlelit lodge but it is not the ideal light by which to read, write or wash up. We have fitted electrical LED lamps in the living area of the lodge to give brighter, safer and more reliable lighting than was previously possible with paraffin lanterns. We have also added a reading lamp next to the sofa.

What’s Included

Groups and Family Visits at Longlands Glamping

Stay Connected

Whilst we would love you to unplug from the modern world while you are with us we do recognise that there are occasions when this is not possible. All our lodges have an electrical socket that can be used to charge phones and power medical equipment or other devices such as hairdryers. There is good mobile phone reception on site with 3G.

Lights at Night at Longlands Glamping