Valley of Rocks Sunset

Exmoor National Park

Longlands sits on the western border of Exmoor, a National Park that encompasses 267 square miles of unique, stunning countryside, 35miles of dramatic coastline and stretches 35miles from Combe Martin in the West to Monksilver in the East and 22miles from Minehead in the North to Dulverton in the South.

This spectacular coast, with the highest sea cliffs in England, was one of the reasons why in 1954, Exmoor was designated a National Park.

Exmoor Ponies near Longlands

Spot a stag. Meet an Exmoor pony. Count the wild goats of Lynton.

Exmoor is home to an amazing variety of wildlife. Red deer are the largest wild land animals in England and it is quite something to watch two stags fighting head to head! The Exmoor pony is a beautiful creature that has been around since the Ice Age and is now rarer than the Giant Panda so meet one while you can! The Wild Goats of Lynton will amaze you with their acrobatics: Hard enough clambering all over the sheer rock faces of Valley of the Rocks, never mind having to do it with enormous head gear and a mop of hair in your eyes!

Gaze at the star filled sky

Exmoor is the best place for stargazing in the UK, according to the Campaign for Dark Skies. In fact it is the first International Dark Sky Reserve in Europe and Longlands looks directly on to it! Definitely worth staying up for on a clear night. Spot a shooting star! Identity the constellations! Admire the Milky Way!

Exmoor National Park Dark Skies Guide

Red Deer Stag near Longlands