Take a Mindfulness holiday

For those not familiar with the concept Mindfulness it is the practice of living in the moment, bringing your full attention to it without judging the experience.  So when you next take a walk, rather than making a mental to-do list for your return, instead take note of everything you see, feel & hear: the beautiful patchwork of fields, the different colours in the landscape, the shape of the clouds and their journey across the sky, the sounds of the countryside, the breeze on your face!

The Benefits of Mindfulness

By learning to live in the moment we can discover a sense of peace and enjoyment and perhaps every so often feel truly enchanted with life!  Now that’s something to strive for!  And if that wasn’t reason enough here are a few more of the beneficial effects of practicing Mindfulness:

Increased experience of calm & relaxation
Higher levels of energy and enthusiasm for living
Increased self confidence and self-acceptance
Less likely to experience stress, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, addiction or low immune efficiency
More self-compassion and compassion for others and our planet.

To truly get to grips with Mindfulness we suggest you take a Mindfulness holiday, ideally at Longlands!


Here are 10 ways you we can help you be Mindful when you come to stay:

1. Unplug from the Daily Rush

Do away with all the daily distractions & demands on you time and enjoy a simpler way of life without compromising on comfort or luxury.

2 Reconnect with Loved Ones

Put down the gadgets and engage in conversation! Rediscover the fun of Monopoly, Scrabble and Uno. Enjoy a candlelit dinner. Swap stories and share discovery.  You never know what you might learn about each other!  Remember no judging allowed just listening!

3. Get close to nature

Paddle around the lake.  Spot deer amongst the ancient beech trees. Feed the fish and watch them jump. Immerse yourself in the countryside and nature.  Breathe in that fresh air!   Getting out into the woods and the fields has been shown to improve your mood and sense of wellbeing.  But remember to focus on being in the moment!

4. Go Gastro and indulge your taste buds

Let us do the Cooking so you have more time to indulge your senses and practice being in the moment!  Cook up a feast on the wood burner. Toast marshmallows over the BBQ.  Wood smoke brings a whole new dimension to food!

5. Take in the View

Sit back. Put your feet up. Pour a glass of wine. Watch the sun set on the sea. Spot a shooting star. Admire the Milky Way. You will be amazed at what you can see in the night sky.  Lose yourself to the stars.

6. Pamper your senses

An ensuite shower. A hot water boiler to warm the room. Natural aromatherapy products. Fluffy towels. Indulge your sense of touch and smell!

7. Snuggle into a warm bed

Enjoy the feel of luxurious White Company Egyptian Cotton bed linen and the warmth of a think duvet. Be lulled to sleep by the babble of the stream, the wind in the trees, or the patter of rain on the canvas roof. Hear the owls calling to each other. Breathe in that fresh air and sleep soundly.  Sweet dreams!

8. Listen to the chorus of birds and the lambs in the field

Fire up the stove. Put the kettle on. Pour yourself a mug of freshly ground coffee. Watch the world wake up! Pick up freshly cooked pastries from the Larder shop and some local jam. Leaf through the books on local walks and activities. Plan your mindfulness adventures!

9. Immerse yourself in North Devon & Exmoor

Learn some of its history. Or get active! Walk, Cycle, Run, Surf, Kayak, SUP, rock climb, horse ride. Try something new! Feel the rush! Focus on the moment!

10. Curl up in front of the wood burning stove

Solar lamps, candles, & even electrical LED lamps to banish the dark. Read those self improvement books you haven’t got around to or pick up “The Little Book of Mindfulness” by Dr Patrizia Collard that you will find in your lodge for even more ways to be Mindful.


You will reap the rewards long after you return home!  What have you got to lose other than stress and anxiety?  Book your Mindfulness holiday now!