Weekend Cancellation for 14-17 June at Longlands

We have just had a weekend cancellation for the 14-17th June.  This is our only weekend space before the 13th September so grab it quick!

Fun with Friends

Our lodges have 3 bedrooms: a King bed, a double cabin bed and 2 twin beds, so they can accommodate up to 6 people! Read more about Glamping with Friends & Family.

Enjoy a Romantic Escape for two

We offer a couples discount of £100 when you book for just 2.  Read more about Glamping for Couples.

Babies & Toddlers Welcome!

You can also bring a baby or toddler with you and still enjoy our couples discount of £100.  Read more about Glamping with Babies & Toddlers!

The Price

The cost of a 3 night weekend stay is £695 for up to 6 people, or £595 if you book for just 2.

Everything Included!

We include everything you should need for your stay from firewood to fizz, coffee to conditioner, lemons to loo paper even hand wash to hammocks.  You only need to bring clothes and food but we can cater for you if you wish.  Read more about What’s Included.

Gastro Glamping

If you would like a complete break, including from cooking then let us cook for you!  We offer freshly baked pastries, sumptuous supper and delicious desserts.  Read more about our Larder Menu.

Hot tub Heaven

Our hot tub sits on its own deck overlooking our lake and out to the sea and setting sun.  It is an utterly magical experience.  And if you book this weekend before Friday 7th June we will include a free soak in our hot tub, usually £60 per hour for up to 6 and £45 for 2.  Read more about our Hot tub.

Last Summer mid weeks

If you are unable to make this weekend then we do have 3 mid weeks left:  17-21 June, 24-28 June and and 1-5 July.

If we don’t see you for our weekend cancellation we do hope that you will either book one of our last remaining mid weeks in June or early July, or perhaps see you in Autumn!