Thinking of starting a Glamping Business ?


Are you looking for a change of lifestyle?  Do you dream of living in the country surrounded by green fields and beautiful views?  Are you thinking of setting up your own Glamping Business? Or do you have a Glamping Business and want to create more bookings and increase your profits?

The Essential Glamping Business Course on 27th March 2019 will teach you everything that you need to know to create & run a successful glamping business, whilst Marketing for Glamping Businesses on Thursday 28th March 2019 will teach you how to effectively market your business and maximise your bookings.

“Bella has not just been in the business, she is the business!  Save yourself a fortune and get yourself a guru!”  Thomas Noel, The Gathering

The Essential Glamping Business Course

Here are a just few of the questions that this course will answer:

Project Scoping & Property Search

What should you be looking for in a site?  What will make the difference to your guests experience? Are there considerations that might help you gain planning permission? What should you look for in the surrounding area that will be of interest to future guests?


Found your site and starting the planning process? Do you know what to include in your planning application? What additional reports might you have to include? Have you found the consultants to write these reports?  How do you get support for your plans from the right people?  How much will this cost and how long will it take?

Business Plan

What information should you include in your business plan?  How will you estimate your building & running costs?  How much should you budget for a lodge, the fittings and furnishings?  Have you thought about storage facilities?  Have you remembered sewerage, plumbing, electrics, access tracks?  What are the costs of laundry, wood, cleaning?

Creating a unique offering

Do you know what your guests want from their holiday?  What will you provide for them?  Have you thought through the potential issues in building your site?  What suppliers should you use?  What will they need you to do before they supply your glamping structure? Is it worth having a shop and providing meals?


Do you know who your target market is? How do you persuade them to book?  Have you got the right business name?  What about domain name? How important is your logo?  What do you need to include on your website?  How much will it cost? How do you get people to visit your website?

Running the Business

What health & safety issues do you need to be aware of?  Are there certain licences and permissions that will you need?  What are the day to day tasks in running the business?  Who needs to do what on a changeover day?  How long does each job take ?  How many people do you need to be ready in time?  What are the secrets to maximising your efficiency and effectiveness?

Managing guests and their expectations

What do your guests expect when they come to stay?  What information will you need to provide them with and at what point?  How do you minimise problems?  What do you need to include in your welcome talk?  How do you ensure your guests have a wonderful stay and want to return year after year?

Go Glamping

Have you ever been glamping?  How will you sell an experience that you have not had?  What do other glamping sites offer?  How will you be different?  What will make your site special and stand out against the rest?  You have the opportunity to stay in one of our award winning lodges at a special delegates rate.  This will greatly enhance your learning experience!


Your investment of £595 for a one day course will buy you the answers to all these questions and many more besides.

This course will save you money: I would have saved £15,000 in legal fees had I found my planning consultant at the start of our planning process.

This course will save you time:  I spent 6 months searching for an insurance company that would cover us.

You will leave with a thick handout to take home including everything covered in the course plus lots of additional insights & contacts.

You only have to take one weekend’s booking to cover this cost.

Book two places and get a 50% discount on the second place – £895.  You only need sell one week in low season to cover this investment.

“A really useful and fabulous day.  I’ve learnt so much and feel very inspired.  I actually think I can do it now!”

Book Your Place Now

To secure your place on the Essential Glamping Business Course on Wednesday 27th March 2019 email me on or call me on 01271 882004.   Places are limited so be quick!

For more information visit my website specifically for Glamping Business Owners:  Learnings from Longlands

Learn from an award winning Glamping Business with 8 seasons of experience and over 8000 guest interactions!

Effective Marketing for Glamping Businesses

Marketing is key to the success of your Glamping business.  If no one knows about your business how will you get bookings?

Can you answer the following questions?

What is marketing and what do we mean by the Marketing Mix?  Who is my target market?  How do I reach them?  What do I say?  Where do I say it?

What am I really selling? How can I influence people to book?  What are the 10 essentials my website must have?  What are the best tools to get people to visit my website?

How do I use social media?  What tools can I use to convert interest into bookings?  What are the most effective pricing and promotions strategies?

How do I right a Communications plan?  What should I spend my money on?  How much should I budget each year and each month?

With new Glamping sites opening each month how are you going to compete?

Learn the answers to these and more on Thursday 28th March 2019.


This one day course costs £595, the equivalent of just one weekend booking!
Book both the Glamping Business Course & the Marketing course and get a 50% discount, making both courses £845: less than the cost of one week in low season!
Can you afford to miss this course?

Book Your Place Now

To secure your place on Marketing for Glamping Business on Thursday 28th March 2019 email me on or call me on 01271 882004.   Places are limited so be quick!

For more information visit my website specifically for Glamping Business Owners:  Learnings from Longlands

Learn from a  Glamping Business with over 92% occupancy for every year one of its 8 years of operating.