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Spring is a wonderful season to enjoy Exmoor, the North Devon coast and Longlands. There is something for everyone be they a garden, wildlife, sporting or walking enthusiast!

Wildflower Displays

One of Longlands’ Spring highlights is the incredible displays of wildflowers.  Mother Nature doesn’t do things by half: she festoons our banks with an abundance of flowers.


In March and April the bank above the lodges glows a beautiful soft yellow the primrose are so abundant.  North Devon is known for its primrose displays and we have one of the best! Welcome to the real “Primrose Hill”! Not only are they beautiful to look at they are good to eat too!  A beautiful addition to a green salad!


We have now planted over 25,000 daffodil bulbs, mostly white and lemon yellow varieties with only one true yellow allowed in the mix: Red Devon.  Well we had to, didn’t we!  Our banks look stunning decked in white and lemon yellow.

Bluebells & Wild Garlic

May is definitely the month of the Bluebell.  Our ancient beech woods are breathtaking with their carpet of mauve bluebells and the lime green canopy of new beech leaves.  The white flowers of wild garlic and a beautiful extra dimension.  Another great flower to add to a salad and the leaves make a delicious pesto!


This year throughout May we have also been treated to an amazing display of buttercups.  They are such a cheerful flower and although I am not usually a fan of yellow I have to admit to having a real soft spot for them.

Our resident photographer / Estate Manage, Ester Spears, has captured some of these incredible displays.  Visit his blog:  “April Projeck: Spring Flowers”



We have such an array of weird and wonderful wildlife to watch and wonder at both at Longlands and in the surrounding area.

At Longlands

The fields surrounding Longlands are full of activity with energetic lambs gambolling about.  Newly emerging fox cubs sunbathe on the hillside, and buzzards circle in the thermals above. If you are very quiet you might even find a fawn in our woods.  Look out for a black and white bottom disappearing into the undergrowth at dusk, as Mr Badger finds his way home.

On the moor

The Exmoor pony foals are a delight to watch as they find their feet.  In the Valley of the Rocks the wild goats of Lynton teach their kids the mountaineering skills they will need to survive.

On the Coast

Keep an eye out for seals in the coastal waters.  They will be watching you!

On Lundy

During May the Puffins of Lundy arrive.  Just the cutest birds.  Take a day trip to the island: catch the boat from Ilfracombe, enjoy lunch at the Marisco Tavern, enjoy a walk and puffin spotting, return home about 6pm.


Sunsets and Starry Skies

The sunsets in April & May have to be seen to be believed with all their colour and vibrancy.  And the stars are so bright you think you can reach out and touch them.  Such a joy to overlook one of the first dark sky reserves in the world!

You can enjoy an amazing light display from Mother Nature, as she paints the sky, orange, red, and pink, either from the comfort of your deck, or whilst immersed in the warm waters of our hot tub!  To read more about our Hot Tub click on the link.


Availability for next Spring

Book soon for next Spring: over 70% of our Spring spaces have already been booked!  If you are wanting to stay for a weekend we only have 2 Spring weekends left:  23-26 March or 27-30 April.   Check Availability and Prices by clicking on the link

Adult only times

Due to popular demand there are a couple of mid weeks in Spring in which we will accept only bookings from adults, either as a group of friends or couples.  Please do not book with toddlers or babies during these periods.  Our Adult Only times in Spring are:  16-20 April and 21-25 May 2018.

Spring offer

Book a Spring break for just 2 of you next year and we will give you £100 off the cost of your stay.  Outside of the mid weeks 16-20 April and 21 to 25 May we are happy to include a baby or toddler as part of this offer.  Book on line and the discount will be applied to your balance payment.  Alternatively you can email or call 01271 882004.

We hope you will come and experience the magic of Spring at Longlands for yourself!